In our unique model we guarantee the quality of an assignment with the involvement of our own senior consultants and by means of our DEPLOY METHODS. For the execution, we work in a targeted manner with interim and/or other consultancy firms, in order to place the right profiles in the project team. For ‘Strategy Alignment’ we have a preferred partnership with ‘New Growth Strategies’.

If you, as an (interim) freelance consultant, would like to work with DEPLOY, or if you have an assignment where our method can help, please contact us. Collaboration always implies embracing DEPLOY METHODS and the DEPLOY Quality Assurance (QA), in which a (short) on-boarding is mandatory, independent of your own experience and education. This is always a win-win.

If an interim agency / or consultancy firm is interested in working together, the QA role from DEPLOY Consultancy always applies. Subsequently, in coordination, also (additional) training for consultants who are deployed on projects. The unique proposition in which DEPLOY focuses on lasting behavioral change and the underlying model of ‘showing’, ‘doing it together’ to ultimately let the customer ‘do it themselves’ will always be part of it. Project execution therefore always goes hand in hand with training and on-the-job coaching based on DEPLOY METHODS.

For contact you can mail: