We believe that ‘the engine of improvement’ are the people in your organization. Our approach is therefore fully focused on enabling them to ‘dare’ to implement the change themselves.
Hence our mantra: ‘Dare to deploy’.

To facilitate this change in an excellent and sustainable way, 3 things are essential:

  • Ensure that everyone in the organization knows what he/she contributes to the desired business result. Or creating a coordinated focus (Aligned Focus) on the strategy.
  • Putting customer value at the center of every change or improvement initiative. Which means that we look at how we create real customer value in a cross-functional (process-based) way (‘True Customer Value’).
  • Creating energy, putting people in the right ‘flow’, with the believe of wanting to winning (‘Play-to-Win’) instead of ‘not wanting to lose’. Sometimes it is necessary to break through a culture of fear, by putting the real ‘fish on the table’.

The result of this complete (‘holistic’) approach is that the content is right = ‘customer-oriented goal’, the process works = ‘workable approach’ and people accept it = ‘change that is accepted‘.

We provide sustainable change!