We believe in celebrating success. We emphasize that change is not a one-off activity, but the start of a continuous journey. Developing a sustainable improvement competence at the start and during the journey is therefore essential. Ultimately, this makes external experts largely redundant. Our projects therefore always go hand in hand with training and coaching, which can lead to a reward (certification) if desired.

We know 3 official competence levels:

The certification process is a combination of theoretical knowledge (plus exam), growth on an LSS scale or mastery and proof of practice through project cases (with 1:1/group coaching).

Greenbelt as teamplayer

The Greenbelt acts as a team player, active in the implementation of a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) project, and the Blackbelt as project leader. The Master Black Belt acts as an LSS expert and program manager within the organization. In addition, the MBB (Master Black Belt) actively builds the LSS competency together with colleagues and puts his stamp on the strength of the method.

The unique thing about DEPLOY Methods Certification is the Lean Six Sigma quality level, enriched with elements from agile and change management (ADKAR and NLP).