Ensuring that everyone in the company has their contribution to the integral business strategy

DEPLOY consultancy in partnership with New Growth Strategies ('market leader in creating a distinctive positioning, a sharp strategy full of toothache and a culture that matches the positioning and strategy') have established an international management structure. By means of the OGSM method, cross functional teams can now realize change effectively and efficiently in a lot of autonomy. At the same time, clear direction is given and good supervision remains from the international management team - details on request

Customer Value

Putting customer value first

DEPLOY consultancy in collaboration with the internal program and process management department have established a business process management (BPM) structure company-wide. This structure ensures that value for the customer is the starting point for both small and large change processes. Specifically for IT transformation projects, the unique DEPLOY METHODS also provides simple tools to really ensure 'fit-to-standard' (minimal software adjustments). The organizational changes that can be implemented early and smoothly ensure a very standard version of SAP's ERP (S4 HANA, Hybris /CRM and Commerce )
- details on request


Develop a single management approach for carrying out continuous improvement

DEPLOY consultancy, in collaboration with an experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt and the internal program management office, has introduced one way of improvement company-wide. This way of working is recorded in a customer-specific 'toolbox' with various instructions and sample materials (the basis for this was DEPLOY's own method). This enables the organization to improve itself both at the head office and at various distribution locations in the country. This management approach is integrally secured and is continuously developing without further support from external parties. - details on request