We are committed to continuous improvement, every day!

As founder and managing partner of DEPLOY-Consultancy, I, Toine Nillezen, are known for working according to the working principle of 'showing', 'doing together', in order to ultimately enable the employee to do it 'him or herself'.

Making it 'right', 'work' and 'accepted' are also terms that I place at the heart of our approach. I believe in this because it focuses on the content (the goal), the process (the approach) and the person who has to embrace the change (acceptance) as three equal success factors. This way you can really make a difference.

After starting my career at Accenture, I spent three years as director at IG&H responsible for the company-wide project management method. I then set up the internal Program and Process Management department of Sligro Food Group during the 2016-2021 period.

Ultimately, the team grew into a department of 25 permanent employees. With them I built the method that is now called DEPLOY Methods. We have applied this method many times in small and large change projects, such as the Heineken Sligro collaboration, the change resulting from the sale of EMTÉ supermarkets, e-commerce and ERP business and IT transformations, and numerous process and data optimization projects.

DEPLOY was founded in 2021 as an independent consultancy. With DEPLOY I want to make sure that a change is executed in a positive flow. We are focused on lasting performance improvement and sustainable behavioral change.

We guide change in an excellent way

Our project execution goes hand in hand with our (digital) classroom training and on-the-job coaching in our own DEPLOY Methods. We train and, if desired, certify involved employees at Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt level, according to market requirements. This method is based on proven methodologies and techniques from LEAN Six Sigma, Agile, OGSM, BPM, Prince 2 and ADKAR.



We work together with experienced, independent consultants. All projects are carried out according to DEPLOY Methods. Which entails a 'win-win situation', because one improvement language becomes central, for everyone.
The senior management of DEPLOY consultancy oversees both the quality assurance of the assignment and good, safe team dynamics. 'How are we in the competition?' is a question that is regularly asked in the project team. This is typical of the atmosphere that we want to create and safeguard from DEPLOY consultancy during the entire 'journey' of change.

If you yourself (or from an interim secondment agency) are interested, chat with me directly, send us an email and/or read more on the page 'Contact and Cooperation'

Together we go for an excellent result!